Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monetize your Traffic with Bitcoin Services

Below is a list of Bitcoin Publisher Services, earning via shortening links or displaying advertisements such as banner on your site/blog. I will add more as i stumble accross them.

If you are a Business owner and want to be listed here, please leave a comment with your site address so i can add it, Thanks.

Anonymous Ads
Banner Ads, various sizes. Payout is automatic when either you reach 0.01Ƀ or if your ad has not received a hit in 24 hours. 

Bitcoin Advertising
Also a long running advertising platform. Bitcoins are automatically paid to you every time your balance reaches 0.05 Bitcoins. Only two ad sizes available available. 

Bitcoin AdSmart
I have not used them at all, so im not sure on rates and ad sizes. They have been around for a few months, you'll just have to check yourself. Down at the moment.

Probably one of the more familiar faces in Bitcoin Advertising. Paid URL shortener plus banner ads to boot. Various sizes, payout rates are decent with a very detailed statistics page and very rewardable referral program.

Operation Fabulous
Four Ad sizes and a 0.05Ƀ minimum payout. Also not a program i have used a lot. Here you sell ad space to advertisers at a fixed rate per day. So i guess the more traffic you site gets and depending on how popular it is, the better chances advertiser will want to buy that ad space from you. Im tempted to try them out again, very soon :)

Puppy Twist
This is a fairly new site, trying them out as we speak, you will notice the ad at the top of the page. Seems to be only 468x60 banners at the moment. Payments made out to publishers are made in 0.25 BTC increments, so once your unpaid balance reaches that 0.25 BTC threshold you’ll automatically receive a payment.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Back to Normal

Older posts has been removed, the list for free bitcoins and where to earn some has been revised and updated. More to come soon. For more info read this post: CoinHunter Status Update.

Free Bitcoins

Last Updated: Monday, March 18, 2013
All link opens in a new window and a shortened with linkbucks. All links will stay on this list, regardless of its status, although, non paying or dead sites will have a strikethrough to indicate that its no longer paying or dead.

To receive bitcoins you only have to fill in your bitcoin address. Most of these can be visited once a day or even hourly, read descriptions for each below.

Bit Crate - once every 24 hours (when funded)
Bitcoin Faucet - once every 12 hours
Bitcoins 4 Me - once every 24 hours
Bit Hits - once every 24 hours
Bit Coiner - once every 24 hours
Bit Start - once every 24 hours
BTC Free - once every 24 hours
Bunny Run - once every 24 hours
Coin Ad -  once every hour (if not registered, once every 24 hours)
Coin Ticket - once every 24 hours
Daily Bitcoins - once every hour
El Bitcoins Gratis - once every 24 hours
Free Bitcoins (netlookup) - once every 24 hours

Bitcoin Street Faucet - once-off
Free Coins - once-off

Earn Bitcoin
These sites typically pay you for viewing websites or videos. Some you have to complete offers or tasks to earn, read descriptions for each.

A Bit Back - complete offers and tasks
BitBin - share your pastes
BitcoinGet - complete offers and tasks
Bitcoin 4 You - view websites
BitVisitor - view websites
CoinVisitor - view websites
Coin Worker - complete offers and tasks
Earn The Bitcoin - complete offers and tasks
Easy Bitcoin - view websites
For Bitcoin - similar to fiverr
Free BTC
Free Digital Money - complete offers and tasks 
Rugatu - answer questions for bitcoin
Tagpad - bookmarking